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domenica 12 giugno 2011

BREVETTO OCCHIALE DA GOLF di Umberto Joackim Barbera (Newtel srl)


Document Number

US Patent 5355182
Issued Date
October 11, 1994

A pair of spectacles to be worn by a golfer to facilitate the alignment of a golf ball with a target includes two optical elements supported by a spectacle frame a having a ark, tinted upper region and a clear lower region. The regions are separated by two parallel but non-aligned lines, each inclined to the horizontal by between and The lines are oriented downwardly from left to right, as seen from outside the spectacles, in a pair of spectacles for a right-handed person and from right to left in a pair of spectacles for a left-handed person. The two lines are situated in front of respective eyes when the spectacles are in use and are offset vertically relative to each other by a distance of the order of 2 mm.
Golfing spectacles - US Patent 5355182 Drawing
Drawing from US Patent 5355182
Newtel S.r.l. (Turin,IT)
October 11, 1994
Application Number
April 15, 1992
US Classification
351/45   351/165
Int'l Classification
A61F   9/02   (20060101)   A63B   69/36   (20060101)   G02C   7/00   (20060101)   G02C   5/00   (20060101)   G02C   7/10   (20060101)   G02C   7/16   (20060101)  
Priority Data
Apr 15, 1991 [IT] T091U000085
USPTO Field of Search
351/44   351/45   351/46   351/47   351/163   351/165   273/187.2   2/12   2/13   2/15   2/432   2/433  
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A spectacles frame optionally including lenses and comprising an artificial horizon which is held in a horizontal position at all times regardless of the movement of the frame or the wearer's head.
5975695 - Optical element for use in eye-protecting devices - Owned by Intercast Europe S.P.A. (Parma,IT)
An optical element is disclosed comprising an upper portion (9) and a lower portion (8) defined in opposite parts with respect to a median line (x--x) passing through the geometric center (C.sub.1, C.sub.2) of the optical element, wherein the factor of luminous transmittance is between 30% and 80% in the lower portion (8) and between 3% and 40% in the upper portion (9). Advantageously, furthermore, the curve of spectral transmittance as a function of the wavelength in the lower portion (8) and at a distance of at least 10 mm from the median line (x--x) is such as to show: a minimum in a wavelength range of from 495 to 510 nm, ii) an increase in spectral transmittance at wavelengths lower than 495 nm and higher than 510 nm, iii) a maximum at a wavelength lower than 440 nm, iv) a reduction in the spectral transmittance as the wavelength decreases starting from said maximum

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  1. Umberto Joackim Barbera, amministratore della NEWTEL srl sede legale a (10090) Sciolze (TO), via Sachero 2/5 - Italy, depositaria del brevetto europeo, Usa e Giappone dell'occhiale da golf con lenti bicolore con linea obliqua in grado di evidenziare un segnale luminoso allorquando il giocatore nel back-swing alzi la testa (di converso giocando a non vedere il segnale luminoso il giocatore si adatta alla corretta posizione di swing col risultato di tirare la palla "on the right line and not with look or slice mistakes"...), é l'unico inventore al mondo in grado di riformulare il brevetto (decaduto per termini di tempo) con una innovazione fono-ottica e ridepositarlo con copertura brevettuale. Per info: oppure <+39 348 5116565>